Planning A Move? Cut Down Your Clutter With A Dumpster

When you're planning a move, whether it's to the next town or across state lines, you don't want to bring a lot of unnecessary items with you. Not only is it a waste of time to pack and unpack these items, but they'll take up a lot of space, causing you to rent a larger moving truck or pay your moving company for more time.  The best strategy is to get rid of anything non-essential before you move. [Read More]

Separating Computer Scrap For Recycling

If your business is getting rid of old computers and other electronics, there's a lot of money that could go to waste. It's illegal in most states to simply throw away electronic waste with the general trash or any kind of curbside or undesignated disposal, but even if you put everything into a single recycling container, you could be missing out on a final return from your old investments. Here are a few concerns to understand when it comes to computer recycling and ways to make the process easier. [Read More]

How To Send Your Adult Children A Funny But Serious Message About Their Stuff

Children grow up and move out. At least, that is what they are supposed to do. If yours have moved out but left a ton of their stuff behind and you want it gone, there are some ways to send them funny but serious messages about their belongings and about returning home. Be warned—you should only do the following if you know your kids will have a good sense of humor about it and will get why you did it. [Read More]