Is Your Neighborhood Planning A Fourth Of July Event?

Are you an established member of your neighborhood? For instance, are you the go-to person when people need information on things like roofing services or the best dumpster rental services? Maybe you are brand new to your neighborhood and you are wanting to get to know people, to be a big part of your new community. With that purpose in mind, you might have volunteered to help plan your neighborhood's annual Fourth of July event. [Read More]

How tTo Reduce the Amount of Garbage You Put Out Each Week

If it is important to you to put out as few garbage bags each week for pickup, then you need to make use of the following tips. Whether you just don't want to haul too many bags out to the curb or your town has a restriction on how many bags can be put out by each house, these suggestions will prove to come in handy. Start Using a Trash Compactor [Read More]

Planning A Move? Cut Down Your Clutter With A Dumpster

When you're planning a move, whether it's to the next town or across state lines, you don't want to bring a lot of unnecessary items with you. Not only is it a waste of time to pack and unpack these items, but they'll take up a lot of space, causing you to rent a larger moving truck or pay your moving company for more time.  The best strategy is to get rid of anything non-essential before you move. [Read More]

Separating Computer Scrap For Recycling

If your business is getting rid of old computers and other electronics, there's a lot of money that could go to waste. It's illegal in most states to simply throw away electronic waste with the general trash or any kind of curbside or undesignated disposal, but even if you put everything into a single recycling container, you could be missing out on a final return from your old investments. Here are a few concerns to understand when it comes to computer recycling and ways to make the process easier. [Read More]