How To Send Your Adult Children A Funny But Serious Message About Their Stuff

Children grow up and move out. At least, that is what they are supposed to do. If yours have moved out but left a ton of their stuff behind and you want it gone, there are some ways to send them funny but serious messages about their belongings and about returning home. Be warned—you should only do the following if you know your kids will have a good sense of humor about it and will get why you did it.

Dumpster Rental

What better way to remove a ton of junk than with a dumpster? If you rent a dumpster for the belongings of each of your adult children, you can remove it from your house and send it to them. Dumpster companies are willing to pick up the dumpsters and deposit them where you have requested. That means that everyone gets their stuff out of your house without being bothered about it and you do not have to move it personally.

Once all of their stuff is in each of their designated dumpsters, you can direct the dumpster rental company to deposit each dumpster at a specific residence (i.e., where each adult child now resides). With the exception of public property (e.g., college campuses), the dumpsters can go just about anywhere. You may even be able to request that the dumpsters be hauled out of state to be deposited where an adult child lives.

The Message You Send Is Clear

The message to your adult children then is simple: Here is your "junk," do not bring it back, and you cannot move back in because I do not want all of this back in the house. If your kids do have a sense of humor about it, they will probably laugh and then try to figure out where to put everything. Since it is already in a dumpster, they may just decide to have the dumpster rental people take it to the dump when the rental people come to retrieve the dumpster after a few days. 

This also lets your adult children know that while they are welcome for visits, they cannot return home to stay. This is the serious part of this funny message that allows them to know, under no uncertain terms, they have to wing it on their own. It is a very powerful visual cue, and one which most adult children will understand. For more information, contact companies like Horizon Disposal Servies Inc.